Goal and objective

Differences between Goals and Objectives
Differences between Goals and Objectives

The Differences between Goals and Objectives is given here. It is common for us to confuse both terms when we begin to study the planning of a project and its programming over time, it is also common to use both terms when we draw our short and long term plans.

Goals are the result, the achievement we want to achieve, while objectives are small steps that take to reach a goal.

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Goals are the result we want after the conclusion or follow-up of an established plan, it is the point at which you want to reach by following certain steps.

It is similar to the objectives because it is the expected result of an activity and generates a reaction and has an intrinsic value.

To set a goal, it is necessary to establish specific objectives that can be measured, achieved, and limited in time and that of course, leads us to the goal set.

According to the time the goals can be:

  • Short term
  • Medium-term
  • Long-term

Goals can also be:

  • Domain goals
  • Performance goals
  • Avoidance goals
  • Social goals


The objectives are measurable purposes in time and other variables to affirm or deny that they have been achieved. Their complexity will depend on the area where they are used and formulated. Goals are the fundamental basis of any planning process.

Goals can be achieved individually or in groups. They are the guides or axes of a much more complex plan to achieve a goal.

They may not be reached by a problem or a deviation in the activities planned to fulfill them.

The objectives are divided into two types:

  • Course objective: Objective that is planned to be achieved to reach the goal.
  • Specific objectives: Set of objectives or steps to carry out the achievement of the general objective.

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Differences between Goals and Objectives

  • Goals are the result, the achievement we want to achieve.
  • Goals are small steps that lead to reaching a goal.
  • It can be said that the goal is at a macro level and the objectives at a micro level, the latter being a fundamental part of a goal.

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