Hibernate and suspend

Differences between Hibernate and Suspend
Differences between Hibernate and Suspend

The Differences between Hibernate and Suspend is given here.  Suspend or hibernate a computer are two completely different processes that we can use when we work or have fun with these computers. We cannot use them continuously so breaks are common. It is during these breaks that we can turn off, hibernate or suspend a computer with a Windows operating system.

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Hibernate mode on a computer saves the state of the computer to the hard disk and then shuts it down completely. The computer does not consume additional power. When you turn it on again, it will load the data from the disk into RAM in order to resume the session.

This process is slow, but it is faster than completely shutting down the computer. The power-on time will depend on the speed of our hard drive.

Lay off

When you suspend your computer, it automatically enters a mode of minimal power consumption, only the one you need to keep the RAM on. In the RAM memory, the current state of the system is stored, so that when you return all the windows and applications that you had open areas they were.

A laptop with a good battery can last up to a day without running out of power. Suspending a computer makes it work at very low power.

By returning to the computer and turning it on, we can return to our work immediately.

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Differences between Hibernate and Suspend

Sleep is what a computer does immediately when you stop using it for a long period of time or when you close the lid of a laptop. It stores everything you do in RAM and when you turn it on you can work immediately. It consumes very little power kept active only the RAM memory:

When hibernating a computer store all your activities in the memory of the hard disk. In this way, a computer is practically turned off without affecting your activities or wasting energy. The startup is much slower than when we suspend the computer.

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