High BP Symptoms

High BP is a condition in which the heart exerts too much pressure pumping blood. This condition is diagnosed when the sphygmomanometer reading is 140 mm Hg.

Low BP Symptoms

Symptoms of high blood pressure are often caused by an unhealthy lifestyle, physical inactivity, obesity, etc. High blood pressure can be inherited from parents to children, metabolic changes in the body, such as aging can also lead to high BP. This condition is medically known as hypertension.

High BP is considered a serious illness and requires immediate medical intervention. Sometimes a bacterial infection can create a hole in the artery walls, causing fluid to flow into the surrounding tissues, causing serious BP damage.

What is High BP Symptoms?

Everyone has a slightly different normal blood pressure reading, depending on the person’s age, health, size, etc. For example, a highly trained athlete has a much lower resting blood pressure compared to the average person so a Low BP it shouldn’t be. problem unless they start getting unwanted symptoms.

The symptoms of High BP can be prevented by following a healthy lifestyle. These include moderate salt intake, limiting alcohol consumption and regular exercise.

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