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How much Vitamin C is in an Orange

Vitamin C in Oranges

According to the US Department of Agriculture, a small orange weighing 96 grams provides 51.1 milligrams of Vitamin C , while a medium-sized orange weighing 131 grams provides 69.7 milligrams, while a large orange weighing 184 contains 97.9.

Milligrams of vitamin C, It should be noted that the daily need for vitamin C for most women is about 75 milligrams, while men need about 90 milligrams.

How much vitamin C is in an orangea

Vitamin C is one of the well-known antioxidants, which contributes to reducing the damage caused by free radicals. (Free radical) which can cause damage and inflammation in the body.

Nutritional Value of Oranges

Carbohydrates: Oranges consist mainly of carbohydrates and water, and they also contain simple sugars. Such as glucose, sucrose, and fructose, and these sugars are responsible for its sweet taste.

It is worth noting that although oranges contain sugar, they have a low glycemic index (Low glycemic index), meaning that they do not raise blood sugar levels significantly yet. Eating it, this may be due to its content of fiber and polyphenols.

Plant compounds: These are compounds that are believed to have many benefits, and these compounds in oranges are divided into two main parts, which are:

Citric acid : which is found in citrus fruits in general, gives them their distinctive sour taste, and it is believed that it may play a role in preventing kidney stones.

Other sources of vitamin C

Grapefruit: It is a tropical citrus fruit known for its sweet and sour taste. It is also rich in nutrients, antioxidants, and fiber, making it one of the healthiest citrus fruits. It is also distinguished by its high content of vitamin C.

As one serving of grapefruit – which is equivalent to half a fruit – contains approximately 40 milligrams of vitamin C, some studies have shown that vitamin C may help people recover more quickly from common colds. [4]

Hot pepper Green hot pepper contains 242 milligrams of vitamin C per 100 grams, and this amount covers 121% of the daily needs for this vitamin, while 100 grams of red hot pepper provides 65 milligrams of vitamin C. This covers 72% of his daily needs.

Kiwi: A medium-sized kiwi fruit contains 71 milligrams, or 79% of the recommended amounts of this vitamin.

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