Difference between Hypermarket and Supermarket in tabular form

A hypermarket is a retail establishment with an area of ​​more than 2,500 m 2 with a large parking space and one-time payment at checkout boxes while a supermarket is a commercial retail establishment, They are usually part of a chain and have a surface area of ​​less than 2,500 m 2.

What is Hypermarket?

Hypermarkets are retail establishments with a sales area of ​​more than 2,500 m². These types of establishments follow the self-service regime and pay in a single act when leaving. They have a large parking lot.

Hypermarkets offer food products, complimentary household items, clothing, and articles of use.

They are usually found on the outskirts of cities or next to highways with high levels of traffic. They usually complement their offers with shopping centers and warehouses that are located in their surroundings.

They may be:

  • Supercenter: It is an establishment of more than 10,000 m 2 where general merchandise is sold and has a supermarket line.
  • Compact hypermarket: They have food and a small general merchandise section.

What is Supermarket?

A supermarket is a retail establishment that follows a self-service system. It sells food, hygiene items, perfumery, cleaning, and clothing. They are usually part of a chain and offer products at a low price.

The disposition of the products is usually similar in all shops. The aim is for the customer to make the longest possible journey in search of essential products.

Differences between Hypermarket and Supermarket

  • Supermarket markets consumer goods in a self-service system. It offers food, clothing, hygiene, cleaning supplies, and perfumery. They are classified into:
  • Medium supermarket: 400 to 1,500 m² of sales area.
  • Large supermarket: 1,500 to 2,500 m² of sales area.
  • A hypermarket is a retail establishment with a sales area of ​​more than 2,500 m 2. It offers a wide variety of products, from food to clothing and vehicle products. It is classified into Supercenter and compact hypermarket.

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