Difference Between Hypothesis and Theory in tabular form

difference between hypothesis and theory
difference between hypothesis and theory

The difference between Hypothesis and theory is provided here.  A hypothesis is an attempt to explain the phenomena; it is a proposal, a conjecture to explain something. A theory is a result of testing a hypothesis and developing an explanation which is taken as a certain side of a phenomenon. A theory replaces the hypothesis.

Thus, a person can make an observation and immediately form a hypothesis about why something happens the way it does. So, he/she tests the hypothesis and eventually develops a theory. A hypothesis can be right or wrong, but a theory is supposed to be true based on the scientific method. So when a hypothesis has been verified as true, it becomes a theory.

If you still confused to differentiate between hypothesis and Theory, then read the following comparison table.

Hypothesis Vs Theory

Hypothesis Theory
The explanation of observation and facts is called a hypothesis. When the hypothesis is supported by a large amount of observation and experiment it becomes a theory.
It is made on intelligent guesses made by scientists. It is made on the gradual accumulation of indirect evidence in favor of the hypothesis.
Avogadro’s hypothesis Dalton’s atomic theory, Bohr’s atomic theory
Hypothesis and Theory (video)

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