Inclusion and integration

Difference between Inclusion and Integration
Difference between Inclusion and Integration

The Difference between Inclusion and Integration is given here. Inclusion and integration are different terms, they refer to varied contexts, one can be considered a right while the other is used in science and as a verb.

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It is an attitude, policy, or trend that seeks to integrate people within society in order to expect them to contribute their talents and receive all the benefits that society can offer.

It is a type of integration that is carried out from an educational, political, and economic point of view.

It is a response to the exclusion that a social group can suffer.

Social inclusion offers equality in terms of educational offers.

For pedagogy, inclusion is a school problem whose premise is to accept diversity as a normal circumstance. Inclusive education is a right for all children.


The term has its origin in the Latin concept integratĭo. It is the action or effect of integrating or integrating to constitute a whole or to complete the missing parts of a whole.

Integration is also a scientific term applied to mathematics. Integration in mathematics refers to the addition that is done to infinite addends. An integral is a basic concept within calculus.

If we refer to social integration then we speak of a dynamic process in which various factors intervene. Under this concept, people who belong to different social groups meet under one objective.

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Difference between Inclusion and Integration

  • Integration is the normalization of the life of a person with needs or differences. Inclusion recognizes and values ​​the diversity of the human being as a right, prioritizing its objectives.
  • Integration is centered on groups with special characteristics to which support, professional help, and resources are provided. Inclusion is a social model in which all the parties involved have special importance in their participation.

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