Information and communication

Differences between Communication and Information
Differences between Communication and Information

The Differences between Communication and Information is given here. The terms information and communication are closely related despite their differences.

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Information is nothing more than an organized set of processed data. These constitute a message that changes or enriches the state of knowledge of the subject or system that receives the message.

Depending on the type of study, there are different approaches to information:

For biology, it is nothing more than a sensory stimulus that affects the behavior of individuals.

For computing, it is a measure of the complexity of a data set.

For journalism, it is a set of messages exchanged by individuals in a society.

In animal and human societies, the behavior and relationships between their individuals are affected by the information available about other individuals.

The information has semantic meaning, importance (according to the receiver), validity in space and time, validity (it will depend on the issuer), and value.


Communication can be defined as the process where a person or sender transmits or messages to another person. It is a conscious activity of intermediating information between two or more participants in order to transmit and receive meanings through a shared system of signs and norms.

It takes place in three categories of subjects: Humans, living organisms, and communication devices.

All communication, intentional or not, has an effect and is composed of elements such as the sender, channel, code, receiver, message, and context.

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Differences between Communication and Information

  • Information is a set of processed and organized data that constitutes a message that will enrich the knowledge of its recipient.
  • Communication is the action that leads an individual or sender to transmit information to another person or receiver. It requires a channel and a system of signs and semantic rules shared between the sender and receiver.

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