Introduction and Foreword

Differences between Introduction and Prologue
Differences between Introduction and Prologue

The Differences between Introduction and Prologue is given here. The introduction is an initial section in an essay, article, or book that contextualizes the text that follows while a prologue is a short text, preliminary to a book that was written by the author or another person and serves as an introduction to the reading. to orient yourself in the text or to justify the contribution of the book.

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It is the initial section of a book, essay, or article that has the purpose of contextualizing the reviewed text in the form of development of the topic and as to conclusions. Describe the scope of the document and explain or summarize it. It can also explain the important background to the development of the central theme.

It must present the topic or problem to develop. In technical, scientific, or popular texts it is known as a preface, synthesis, or summary. You should always give the reader an idea of ​​the main idea of ​​the text to be read next.


It is the preliminary text of a book, it can be written by the author or by another person and acts as an introduction to the work. Justify the contribution when writing it and help the reader orient themselves in reading. It serves to judge, show, or express important circumstances of the work that the writer highlights to encourage reading.

In some cases, if the writer is new, the foreword is written by a recognized writer or a third person who gives an objective point of view. The prologue is written after the work is finished and not before and can be reissued with each new edition of the book.

The foreword can inform the reader, it can persuade him and get his attention.

Prolog types

  • For an essay: These explain the work and give evidence of the author’s prestige.
  • For a narration: There are millions of varieties, it is absolutely free and allows its author to turn it into whatever he wants. It can be one more chapter, you can place important details of the story or details that arouse the reader’s curiosity.

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Differences between Introduction and Prologue

  • The prologue is the short writing found at the beginning of a literary work. It is used by the author to explain the motivations that led him to write or, he can use it to invite the reader to read his work using tools that arouse their curiosity. Many times it is not written by the same author but by another, who supports the work.
  • The introduction exposes the topics, objectives, structure, and conventions of a book or an article, it cannot be separated from the text and opens its reading.

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