Invasion and conquest

Differences between Invasion and Conquest
Differences between Invasion and Conquest

The Differences between Invasion and Conquest is given here. Historically, the terms “invasion and conquest” have been confused given their similar actions to take over a given space. The invasion is supported by social power, while the conquest pursues a cultural power alongside the economic one.

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The invasion is the planning activities carried out to take over a piece of land. The manner of execution is evil and not peaceful. Whoever invades has no agreements with the original owner of the area.

Invasions are generally carried out in areas that already have an owner, and have already established goods or services but no permanent inhabitants. The purpose of an invasion is the display of social power rather than improving the space.


A term used in history to refer to obtaining land through bilateral agreements or paying for land, including those who inhabit it. The purpose of conquest is to impose new ideologies or ways of living through the monetary authority.

The conquest is backed by laws imposed by the new owners of the land. This new power brings with it human resources, being the inhabitants who will be at the mercy of the orders of the new owner.

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Differences between Invasion and Conquest

  1. The invasion is a rebellious social action, led, organized, and developed by individuals who seek to take over the land.
  2. The conquest is the obtaining of land by bureaucratic agents since it requires bartering or payment of the area.
  3. The invasion is carried out non-peacefully with the sole purpose of obtaining the terrain.
  4. The conquest is carried out through bilateral agreements, negotiating the goods and services already established.
  5. The invasion seeks to show social power.
  6. The conquest demonstrates monetary power, social authority, and ideological modifications.
  7. The invasion generally takes place in areas where there are currently no regular residents.
  8. The conquest is generated in areas where there are established communities to obtain, in addition to the land, a human resource for production, and improvement of the conditions of the area to be taken over.

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