Jelly and jam

Differences between Jam and Jelly
Differences between Jam and Jelly

The Differences between Jam and Jelly is given here. We are used to hearing “jelly” and “jam” as synonyms, in fact, many dictionaries mention each term as synonymous with the other. This consideration is wrong because jelly and jam are very different in preparation, content, and flavor. Both products have in common the use of sugar and fruit and that is where the similarities end.

To know the difference between jelly and jam, we must first know how both are produced and their respective concepts.

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What is jelly?

Jelly is a gelatinous product that is made from fruit or vegetable juice to which the natural fiber pectin and lemon juice are added to maintain the consistency of the product.

Jelly contains small amounts of pulp so it is less thick than jam, does not hold its shape, and is more shiny and translucent.

The jelly is then an edible gel with a sweet or salty taste that contains gelatin or pectin, it is usually prepared from fruit peels that contain abundant amounts of pectin, known in juice, pulp, and sugar. The resulting product is crushed and strained.

The most common flavors of jelly are cherry, grape, and strawberry.

What is the jam?

The jam is made with pieces of fruit cut into small pieces or crushed to which sugar is added and they are put to boil. The amounts of sugar to be used will depend on the type of fruit and its maturity, although the usual proportions are 1 to 1 by weight, that is, 1 kg of fruit and 1 kg of sugar, and so on with other quantities.

When 104┬║ C is reached, the acid and the pectin of the fruit react with the sugar, producing a mixture known as jam, which is allowed to cool.

The process of making jam is a preservation method, in ancient times the Greeks applied this technique with quince and honey.

For the process to be adequate, it is important that the fruit is rich in pectin, which is why we find apple jam, citrus fruit, forest fruit, mango, strawberry, and fruit cocktail.

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Differences between Jam and Jelly

  • The jam is made from the pulp, the jelly from the juice.
  • Jam is much thicker than jelly.
  • Jam contains more fruit than jelly.
  • Jelly is lighter than jam and is brighter.

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