Difference between Joy and Happiness

Difference between Joy and Happiness
Joy Vs Happiness

The Basic Difference between Joy and Happiness is that Joy is a feeling that manifests itself with external signs, it is an internal state of general well-being with high levels of energy, it is a constructive action that can be perceived by everyone. Happiness is a subjective state of well-being that directly influences the attitude and behavior of individuals.

Definition of Joy

This word comes from the Latin alter or alerts and is a pleasant feeling that manifests itself with external signs, gestures, and acts that express joy. it is an inner state that generates general well-being, energy, and disposition.

It is a value that leads us to be constructive and that can be perceived in those who experience it because it reveals it in their appearance, decisions, language, and actions.

Joy is considered to be the most comfortable state of mind in which we can find ourselves and it is necessary to know sadness in order to experience joy.

For many, joy can be represented by the color yellow and is related to optimism and pleasure.

It has been proven by psychosomatic medicine that joy is able to make the liver, stomach, heart, and lungs work better, it also sharpens our mind and makes it more efficient.

Definition of Happiness

It is the emotion that is experienced when a living being achieves the desired goal. Psychologists define happiness as a measure of subjective well-being. Happy people have a positive approach and seek to achieve new goals.

It is a subjective positive state of mind of the individual because what makes one person happy, will not necessarily do it in another.

It allows individuals to make the best of certain conditions and improves the attitude when tackling different tasks.

When a person is happy, they can carry out neutral activities in an already known environment, where internal and external factors interact with their limbic system. The varying levels of happiness a person experiences are currently considered to depend on:

  • Socio-environmental factors.
  • Genetic factors.
  • Factors associated with the achievement of objectives and desires.

Defining happiness was an essential guideline for the rise of ethics in ancient Greece. The great philosophers agreed that we all want to be happy, but that there are different ways to achieve it and that is where they did not agree.

For Aristotle, being happy is self-realization, reaching the proposed goals. For cynicism and stoicism being happy is being self-sufficient and for Epicurus happiness is enjoying intellectual and physical pleasure avoiding mental and physical suffering.

Difference between joy and happiness in Points

  • Joy is a state of mind that leads a person to feel full when they live a pleasant or pleasant moment.
  • Joy is a value that leads us to be constructive in the world around us.
  • Happiness is a measure of subjective well-being, it is a positive state of mind defined by the person who experiences it.
  • For Aristotle, happiness implied self-realization and reaching the goals set, this is known as eudemonism.
  • For those who followed Stoicism, happiness implies fending for themselves and not depending on anyone.
  • Hedonism defined happiness as the experimentation of physical and intellectual pleasure, fleeing from suffering. It also defined that happiness implied moving away from excesses.
  • Happiness is a state of fulfillment. It is subjective and each person experiences it differently.

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