Judge and magistrate

Differences between Judge and Magistrate
Differences between Judge and Magistrate

The Differences between Judge and Magistrate is given here. There are many laws in some countries that establish differences between judges and magistrates since they are positions with completely different responsibilities.

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A judge is a person who resolves controversies and who decides the fate of a defendant or defendant, always taking into account the evidence or evidence presented in a trial. It is in charge of administering justice.

It is not a court, a judge is a human being while a court is a judicial body made up of natural persons.

They are considered public employees or officials, although this may depend on a specific country and are paid by the State and are part of the Judicial Branch. They are characterized by their autonomy, independence, and immobility. They cannot be removed from their positions except for legally established causes.

Their resolutions are reviewable by their superiors, thus they are confirmed, modified, or revoked.


A magistrate is a term that is used to refer to some public officials. Its origin comes from Ancient Greece. It is used to refer to administrative and judicial positions. Its function is to judge and execute what is judged. They must be independent and impartial.

Magistrate (from Latin magistratus) is a term used to refer to certain officials

The magistrates are officers who make up the higher courts of justice such as the Supreme Court of a country. Sometimes a magistrate is a judge who is part of a collegiate body or court. It is a higher rank within the hierarchy.

The person who holds a public position in the judicial sphere also receives this name.

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Differences between Judge and Magistrate

  • A judge is a person in charge of administering justice to resolve disputes and convict defendants always based on the law of a country.
  • A magistrate is a senior judge who is part of the higher courts of justice in a country.

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