Judo and karate

Differences between Judo and Karate
Differences between Judo and Karate

The Differences between Judo and Karate is given here. Judo is a combat sport that develops, in addition to physical skills, mental and emotional skills. Karate, for its part, is a higher-ranking martial art that integrates a variety of physical skills.

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It is of Asian origin and it is a sport that involves the development of physical abilities such as muscles, mental abilities such as concentration, and emotional abilities such as self-confidence. Judo practitioners are called judokas.

Judo is not considered a violent practice as the intention is not to harm the opponent. This is why in judoka exhibitions the minimum forced touch is given a warning and may be grounds for expulsion if a repetition occurs.


It is of Asian origin. It is a martial art that combines different poses and methods of protection as well as ancestral techniques of attack, being the king of sport if it refers to combat. Karate practitioners are called karatekas.

In this sport, there is the division of levels through colored belts, which differentiate the beginner from the advanced one as the level of strength increases, for example: from white to yellow, then to orange, followed by green, blue, brown, and finally the black belt.

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Differences between Judo and Karate

  • Judo focuses more on the technique and stability of the practitioner than on the force with which they attack.
  • Karate being a mixture of various combat disciplines fulfills a combat role rather than an exhibition.
  • In judo, the distance between opponents is short to minimize the power of the attacks and maximize technique.
  • In karate, kicks and punches are essential. The more elasticity combined with mastery of space, the better.
  • The full execution of judo is smoother by focusing on defense and technique. The opposite case of karate, which consolidates the attack in addition to the opponent’s tube.

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