Juice and nectar

Difference between Juice and Nectar
Difference between Juice and Nectar

The Difference between Juice and Nectar is given here. Fruit juice is a liquid substance that is extracted by pressure liquefying a fruit, although it can also be obtained by cooking, centrifuging, or grinding. Nectar is prepared with the fruit pulp liquefied with sugars and artificial flavors in order to make it more palatable to the public.

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Fruit juice is a liquid substance obtained by pressing a fruit. In industrial processes, the method of obtaining fruit juice may involve cooking, grinding, and centrifuging the fruit in order to take advantage of its full flavor. In this case, the fruit juice may lose some of its nutritional properties.

The liquid that permeates a fresh or cooked product is known as juice. In the body there are liquids called juices, an example is a gastric juice.

A freshly squeezed juice of the fruit is a very nutritious drink. For its part, packaged juices are prepared based on concentrated juices, that is, the juice is concentrated by evaporating part of the water and then adding it before packaging the product. This process saves costs but destroys nutrients and vitamins.


Nectar is a type of packaged juice obtained from the pulp of sifted fruit, to which drinking water, sugars, citric acid, and other flavorings are added.

Nectar is a juice reduced or lightened with water and enriched with sugars, flavorings, and carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) that are added to give them a slightly thick consistency.

It is subjected to pasteurization and is packaged at a temperature of 85ºC.

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Difference between Juice and Nectar

  • The juice is obtained by squeezing the fruits. Industrialized juices go through cooking processes that can destroy their vitamins.
  • The nectar is obtained from the pulp crushed, sifted, and diluted in water. Sugar, colorants, sodium, and thickening products are added.

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