Language, language and speech

Differences between language, language, and speech
Differences between language, language, and speech

The Differences between language, language, and speech is given here. These three terms are completely different. However, they are often used synonymously.

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It is a verbal and written communication system that has conventions and grammatical rules used by various communities in order to communicate. It is usually based on sound symbols, graphic symbols, and both.

It is a conventional system of signs used by social groups in order to communicate among their members. It is also established that it is a system of doubly articulated signs, that is, the search for the meaning of these symbols is done on two levels, the morpheme and lexeme significant entities and the significant units that they construct known as phonemes.

For sociology, language encompasses any language that fulfills two fundamental functions, communication and the identification of the individual in society.


It is a structured communication system that has a context of use and formal combinatorial principles. It is a common feature in humans and animals. The language aims to express experiences and communicate them through the use of symbols, signals, and sounds registered by the senses.

Human beings develop a complex language expressed with sound sequences and graphic signs. Animals develop a language based on sound, olfactory, and bodily signs.

Formal human language is an artificial construction in which disciplines such as mathematics and programming languages ​​are used with internal structures that they share with natural human language.


Speech refers to the act of speaking or the performance of linguistic forms by a speaker. It is an act of will and intelligence that a person carries out to communicate. It is opposed to language because it does not have a social component, but they are related to each other by depending on each other. Language needs speech to occur and speech requires language to be understandable.

Speech is the materialization of a person’s thoughts. The way in which each individual uses the language is considered.

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Differences between language, language, and speech

  • Language is a system of signs.
  • Language is the human faculty of communication instrumented by a system. It is the ability of human beings to learn to communicate in various languages.
  • Language is social, abstract, conventional, and linear.
  • It is the way each person communicates. It is individual and concrete.

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