Law and decree

Differences between Law and Decree
Differences between Law and Decree

The Differences between Law and Decree is given here. It is common to confuse laws with decrees since both are related to the maintenance of order and the regulation of certain behaviors and activities.

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The law is a legal norm issued by a competent authority that prohibits or orders something in accordance with justice so that its non-compliance leads to a sanction. Law is a dictated norm that orders, allows, prohibits, and which everyone must obey.

It delimits the free will of people within a society. It is the external control of human behavior and dictates social behavior.

It is a rule or a norm to follow with legal power conferred by a governmental authority. It is established by the National Congress of each country.

They regulate everything related to the determined lifestyle of a population.


A decree is the decision of an authority on the matter in which it has jurisdiction. It is an administrative act issued by the executive power and has a regulatory normative content. It is hierarchically inferior to the laws.

It has its exceptions in all laws, they are usually used in case of need or in specific situations.

There are many types of decrees. In the case of royal decrees, they must have the signature of the monarch of a country.

Some decrees are issued by the president of a republic with the backing of his ministers.

The nature of the decree varies according to each legislation of each country. In some cases, the decrees of necessity are issued by the Executive Power and have the character of law without going through the Legislative Power. Then Congress can analyze them and say whether or not they are still in effect.

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Differences between Law and Decree

  • The decree is issued by the Executive Power in special cases where it is required.
  • Laws are issued by the Legislative Power and are hierarchically superior to decrees since these can be eliminated by Congress.

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