Lime and lemon

Difference between Lime and Lemon
Difference between Lime and Lemon

The Difference between Lime and Lemon is given here. The lime is the generic name that is attributed to several species of citrus fruit trees, it frequently defines the acid lime or Citrus aurantifolia while a lemon belongs to the family of the Rutaceae, being its species Citrus Limonum, it is oval, of up to 12 cm long, with yellow skin with glands rich in essential oils.

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Various citrus fruit trees are known under the name of lime, it has no scientific use, and the species that receive this name are defined by the regions where they are grown. It is often used to define acid lime or Citrus aurantifolia, also known as Galician lime, Mexican lemon, or Creole lemon.

They are small fruits, with an acidic and aromatic pulp with green skin. Its rind is valued in confectionery, in nuts, and preserved in salt as a dressing. Its juice is appreciated to prepare refreshing drinks and cocktails.


The lemon is a fruit with the scientific name Citrus Limonum, it is round and elongated. It has thick skin, the pulp is pale yellow, juicy and acidic; the rind is bright yellow when ripe.

It is used fresh and in juices for food preparations and is used in pharmaceuticals for the preparation of some natural remedies.

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Difference between Lime and Lemon

  • The lime comes from Malacia and is grown in the tropics and hot, humid subtropical areas. It is small and is consumed green.
  • The lime is divided into two groups, acidic limes, and sweet limes.
  • Lemon is a yellow acid fruit, its pulp is very juicy and acidic and is used to prepare juices and medicines.
  • Lime is much more acidic than lemon.
  • Lemon provides 45 mg of vitamin C.
  • The lime provides 20 mg of vitamin C.
  • Lemon has the scientific name Citrus Limonum.
  • The scientific name of the lime is Citrus aurantifolia, including the names of other varieties.

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