Malbec and cabernet

Difference between Malbec and Cabernet
Difference between Malbec and Cabernet

The Difference between Malbec and Cabernet is given here. Malbec is a variety of purple grape that is used to make red wine, it has a dark color and is rich in tannins. Cabernet is a type of red wine grape very rich in tannins, with thick skin and very resistant to rot.


It is a type of purple grape used to make red wine. They are dark-colored grapes and very rich in tannins. It is one of the six types of grapes that are allowed in blends to prepare Bordeaux wine.

Its plantations were increased in order to be used as a type of Argentine varietal wine and today it is planted all over the world.

It is known as auxerrois or côt noir in Cahors, France. It is known as Malbec in Bordeaux and Pressac elsewhere.

It is used to prepare dark and full-bodied wines. They are very rich, intense, dark, and very substantial wines. In varietal wines, we have a very intense red or violet tinted wine. Malbec wines are easy to drink, with a subtle flavor of delicate tannins, ideal to accompany red meats.

The Malbec grape is thin-skinned, requires more sun and heat to ripen than the Cabernet. These grapes are grown like shrubs and have a relatively low yield, about 6 tons per acre.


It is one of the best known red grapes in the world. It grows in almost all types of climates and became famous for its presence in Bordeaux wine, where it is mixed with merlot and cabernet.

It is a relatively new variety that comes from a cross with Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon Blanc. It is very easy to grow, it has a thick skin, although the vines sprout late, they have great resistance to rot and insects.

With this grape, full-bodied wines are produced, rich in tannins, and an appreciable acidity that contributes to its aging.

In cold climates, the Cabernet gives the wine a flavor of green pepper, mint, and cedar; in temperate climates, it gives a shade of black currant, black cherries, and black olives. In hot climates, the flavors are moderate and sweeter. In regions of Australia, cabernet wines have notes of eucalyptus and mint.

These different flavors lead to the wine being used to accompany different foods. In Europe they are used to accompany mushrooms, in cold climates, they are used to accompany vegetables and salads and in hot climates, they are used to accompany dishes that have different flavors.

It can accompany dark chocolate and cheeses such as cheddar, brie, mozzarella, and blue cheese.

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Difference between Malbec and Cabernet

  • Cabernet wine is full-bodied.
  • Malbec wine is medium-bodied.
  • Cabernet is very rich and dry red wine. It goes very well with roasts and red meats, mushrooms, vegetables, dark chocolate, and cheeses.
  • Malbec is a less refined wine than a cabernet. Its color is dark and it is ideal to accompany roasts and red meats.

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