Mammoth and elephant

Difference between Mammoth and elephant
Difference between Mammoth and elephant

The Difference between Mammoth and elephant is given here. Mammoths are an extinct species that belonged to the elephant family and were large mammals that lived 4000 years ago. Elephants are the largest land animals, they are mammals with a prehensile trunk.

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The term mammoth derives from the Russian Mamoht and refers to a genus of mammals that belong to the elephant family. They disappeared almost 4000 years ago. The term elephant comes from the Latin ‘elephas’ which means ‘elephantes’. They are animals known as proboscidia and it is the largest land animal of all.
Mammoths had large, arched tusks and were often over five meters tall. Elephants have smaller tusks and are 3-4 meters tall.
Mammoths inhabited Europe, Central America, and North America. Elephants inhabit jungles, savannas, and deserts.
Mammoths became extinct 4000 years ago. Elephants are in danger of extinction.
The mammoths were covered in hair. Elephants have scant fur on their skin.


The mammoths became extinct because of metabolic problems affecting their skeletons.

It was a species of now-extinct animals that belonged to the elephant family. The largest was the Songhua River mammoth, measuring 5.3 meters high and 9.1 meters long. There were many species and they all lived about 4,000 years ago, in the Cenozoic Era, in the Quaternary period.

Mammoth fossils have been found in North America, Eurasia, and Africa.

They had a bulging head, large curved fangs up to 5 meters long. They lived in packs organized by females and led by a matriarch. The males lived separately in groups once they reached sexual maturity.

The last mammoths inhabited the Siberian Tundra more or less 4,000 years ago. They lived throughout Europe and began to disappear little by little since 12000 years ago.

The trunks of the male mammoths were larger than those of the females as they were adapted for fighting at the time of mating.

There were several species of mammoths:

  • Pygmy mammoth.
  • Imperial mammoth.
  • Southern mammoth.
  • Woolly mammoth.
  • South African mammoth
  • Columbian mammoth.


Elephants are large herbivores that feed on various types of plants.

They are the largest land animals. They are mammals that belong to the group of proboscidians, that is, animals that have a prehensile trunk. Their trunk joins the upper lip and nose, they have large ears, ahead and small eyes.

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Difference between Mammoth and elephant

  • Asian elephants (Elephas).
  • African elephants (Loxodonta).

They live from 50 to 70 years and can weigh more than 11,000 kg. Their tusks weigh 120 kg and are up to 3 m long.

They live in the jungle or in the savannah. They live in herds of females led by a matriarch.

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