Manga and anime

Difference between Anime and Manga
Difference between Anime and Manga

The Difference between Anime and Manga is given here. Manga is the term used to define comics in Japan. In the rest of the world, the manga is known as all the comics of Japanese origin and the style of drawing used in them. Anime is the term by which animation of Japanese origin is known.

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It is a Japanese term used to designate comics in general. Outside of Japan, it is a term used to designate comics of Japanese origin and the style of drawing used in them.

Japanese manga is part of the three great cartoonist traditions worldwide, along with the American and the Franco-Belgian.

It has a wide variety of genres and reaches diverse audiences. It is an important part of the Japanese publishing market. Manga encourages adaptations to various formats such as animated series, known as anime, live action, films, video games, and novels.

The professional who writes or draws manga is known as mangaka and every week or month new magazines are published with deliveries of different series.

Osamu Tezuka is considered the father of modern manga. He was just a 20-year-old medical student when he created his first red book (Book that preceded the manga that we all know) entitled “The new treasure island” in it you could see the style of the Disney franchise (Especially in the eyes large and expressive) and applied a cinematographic style in which he decomposed the movements into several vignettes.

A year later, Shōnen disappeared and the Red Books died. Between them, and through the work of Osamu Tezuka, they had laid the pillars of the contemporary manga and anime industry.


It is a term used by foreign audiences to refer to Japanese animation. This word had its origin in 1960 when the terms Senga eiga (movies with drawn lines) and doga (moving images) gave way to animeeshon, which was shortened to “Anime”.

Anime is also a French term that means “animated or alive” and the Japanese adopted it in their language to refer to cartoons.

Anime is a commercial and cultural entertainment medium, it is a form of technological art and a popular mass cultural phenomenon. It is aimed at all audiences, children, adolescents, and adults, classified into different types according to the conditions of its readers (Women, men, children, and adolescents), their socio-demographic conditions and tastes.

The Otogi Manga Calendar television series is considered the first anime, which had a total of 366 episodes spread over two seasons. Today, Astroboy is considered to be the first anime to be broadcast on television, but it was actually the second after Otogi Manga Calendar.

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Difference between Anime and Manga

  • Anime is a type of Japanese animation. It can be animated by computers or drawn by hand. Today, most are computer-animated. Many anime come from the manga.
  • The term anime includes animated television series, films, and short films.
  • In Japan, the manga is the word used to refer to comics or comics, while abroad it is used to define comics from Japan.
  • Manga is a graphic comic that uses images and a plot to tell a story. They are drawn by hand.
  • Manga is usually drawn in black and white.
  • The anime stands out for being very colorful.

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