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There are different types of malnutrition that affect both children and adults. This malnutrition is also called Malnutrition.


Deficiency diseases are most often found in developing countries, areas of extreme poverty or among individuals with very poor knowledge of food, hygiene, health foods and hygiene.

Proteins, vitamins, fats and many other nutrients are necessary for the cells, tissues and organs of our body to function properly. Of all these nutrients, cells are called the building blocks of life because they are responsible for the production of muscle fibers, hormones, enzymes and more.

What is Marasmus?

“Marasmus can be defined as a form of nutritional disorder and usually occurs in children. It can be fatal if not detected early.”

Causes of Marasmus

  • Severe deficiency of proteins, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and lipids.
  • Viral, bacterial and viral infections are also common causes.
  • Children, adults and people with weakened immune systems are more susceptible to marasmus.
  • poverty
  • appetite
  • hunger or lack of food
  • Lack of education about nutritional needs
  • Taking medications that interfere with the absorption of nutrients

Risk Factors

  • People living in developing countries are at high risk for marasmus.
  • The percentage of children with marasmus is highest in areas affected by hunger and poverty.
  • If babies are not breastfed by nursing mothers due to malnutrition, the risk of marasmus in children increases.
  • Inadequate treatment and large numbers of patients are other factors that increase the risk of marasmus in humans.


  • A multivitamin that helps increase appetite and appetite.
  • Symptoms of dehydration can be alleviated by drinking water and other liquids that contain electrolytes.
  • Antibiotics or other drugs are given to treat children with infectious diseases.
  • Good nutrition is given when the child’s condition stabilizes and he begins to slowly improve.
  • Protein-rich foods such as skimmed milk, and other energy-rich foods to increase energy levels.

Marasmus is a fatal malnutrition that can lead to death if the symptoms are ignored. Full recovery can take up to a month with proper diet and medication.

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