Mausoleum and pantheon

Differences between Mausoleum and Pantheon
Differences between Mausoleum and Pantheon

The Differences between Mausoleum and Pantheon is given here. Historically, much attention has been paid to live after death and in turn to the redemption of honors to those who put their talent, their works, their intelligence, or leadership in favor of social development.

Spaces called mausoleum or pantheon have been built worldwide, which manage to have a cultural meaning, being personalized according to the time, trajectory, or lifestyle of the person to whom honors are paid.


Space in which a person is buried. Generally, this structure has historical or symbolic meaning regarding the deceased person, this structure being built for those who at a specific time were influences on society.


Wide-space infrastructure in which honor is given to one or more deceased persons who share similar characteristics, referring to their nationality or honors received.

In these environments, they are remembered with actions or commemorations received. The community, public, or specific group, can approach this space to honor it or learn about its life trajectory.

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Differences between Mausoleum and Pantheon

  • The mausoleum is characterized by being built right where the person was buried.
  • The pantheon requires the mobilization of the remains to where space was created. That is the mobilization from the cemetery to construction.
  • The mausoleum represents figures linked to the history of the art of past centuries. Example: kings or philosophers.
  • The pantheon symbolizes patriotic leaders, nationalist figures, presidents, or figures related to political activity.
  • The mausoleum only contains one deceased. That is, a single body per structure in which homage is paid.
  • The pantheon lends itself to the demonstration of the remains and the historical memory of various characters. This is considered by society as a museum, rather than a burial site.

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