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Names of Vitamins for Weight Gain

Important Vitamins for Weight Gain

Gaining body weight requires a lot of effort, just as losing weight does. It is worth noting that there is no specific vitamin that helps increase body weight, as vitamins do not contain any calories.

However , vitamin B12 supports the production of red blood cells and enhances energy production, and a deficiency of this vitamin suppresses appetite and makes it difficult for a person to eat the calories he needs, which leads to weight loss.

Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that there is no deficiency in vitamin B12 levels if a person wants to gain weight through blood tests.

Names of vitamins for weight gain

Vitamin B12 can be obtained through animal food sources, and nutritional supplements can be used if the deficiency is severe.

Nutritional Supplements that Help Gain Weight

The basis for achieving weight gain is to focus on eating foods that provide the energy and elements necessary to build the body, in addition to practicing appropriate physical activity to increase muscle mass in the body, and the use of nutritional supplements may also help provide the calories and proteins necessary to gain weight, and the following is The most important of these supplements:

  • Proteins.
  • Creatine.
  • High-calorie products, rich in proteins and carbohydrates.
  • Nutritional supplements that can improve athletic performance, such as caffeine.

Healthy Ways to Gain Weight

If a person wants to gain weight, it is very important to do so in a healthy way. Eating soda and cakes helps to gain weight, but it destroys health at the same time. It also contributes to increasing the size of the fat mass, not the muscle mass, so the following methods should be followed to gain weight: [3]

Increasing the intake of calories in quantities exceeding those burned by the body. Eat high amounts of proteins that help build muscle mass.

Eat at least three meals a day, making sure they contain all the important nutrients. Adding high-calorie sauces to foods.

Doing exercises helps build muscle. Avoid drinking water before starting a meal. Drink whole milk . Start by eating proteins, then vegetables and fruits.

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