Narrator and author

The Difference between Narrator and Author is given here. The narrator is one more element in the story, he is created by the author. The author is the individual creator of a story, narrative, or something.

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It is one more element in a story, like a plot or the characters. It is a creation of the author to tell the story.


Main narrator: Be part of the story as the main character.

Narrator secondary character: He is a witness to the development of events.

Second person

Unfolding of the self: The narrator creates the effect of telling himself the story. Become part of the story as a protagonist or witness. Although the second person “You” is often used, it does not refer to the reader as the protagonist.


Omniscient Narrator: He is the one who knows everything. He knows all the facts, he knows what his characters think and feel. Sometimes you can give your opinion.

Observer narrator: He is the one who only tells what he observes, acts in a very similar way to a camera.


This word comes from the Latin word auctor and is used to refer to individuals who are creators, inventors, or producers of something.

In the case of intellectual production, the author is the one who has property rights over his creations.

Copyright rules that protect the economic and moral rights of an individual. These rights are contemplated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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Difference between Narrator and Author

  • The author is in charge of writing a story or story, he is the creator of it. He is the one who selects and organizes all the factors involved in the work.
  • The narrator is a voice delegated by the author.
  • The narrator is a fictional being created by the author. Use a series of masks to maintain the credibility and veracity of the story. It only exists within the story.

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