Need and desire

Differences between Need and Desire
Differences between Need and Desire

The Differences between Need and Desire is given here. Need and desire are often confused and used synonymously. A need represents what we require in an essential way to live healthy, a desire is a desire that we have when we want to satisfy a taste.

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The need is what is essential for our daily life, not meeting a need can lead to negative results, even death. They can be of a physiological nature such as breathing or feeding, of a psychological nature. Depending on its availability, it can be free (Easy to find, available to everyone) or economic.

For marketing, a need is a feeling of lack that comes together with the desire to satisfy it.

Needs are the expression of what a living being requires in an indispensable way for its conservation and development.


Desire is nothing more than the longing or the need to satisfy a taste that moves our senses out of pleasantness. It is the final consequence of an emotion induced by the variation of the environment. An emotion generates a feeling and this generates a desire.

For marketing, desire is a need that takes the form of a product, company, or brand.

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Differences between Need and Desire

  • A need is not created, it exists and its satisfaction is necessary to maintain a suitable level of health.
  • A desire is created or fostered by a marketing campaign or by the culture or beliefs of the individual.
  • Desires are preceded by feelings.
  • A need is generated by the body itself, either on a psychological level or on a physiological level.
  • Needs and their satisfaction are essential for life.
  • Desire is a longing to satisfy a taste that has activated our senses or our feelings.
  • A need is a generated feeling.
  • Desire can be shaped by marketing, a need cannot be shaped, it simply occurs when it needs to be satisfied.

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