Ninja and samurai

Difference between Samurai and Ninja
Difference between Samurai and Ninja

The Difference between Samurai and Ninja is given here. The ninjas were a military group of mercenaries specially trained in unorthodox ways of fighting a war. They were spies, assassins, saboteurs, and experts in guerrilla warfare. The samurai were a type of warrior from ancient Japan, they belonged to the military elite that ruled the country for centuries.

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In Japan, the ninja or shinobi was a military group of mercenaries trained in unorthodox arts to wage war. They were expert assassins, spies, and skilled in the development of guerilla warfare in order to destabilize the enemy army, obtain vital information, or achieve advantages that would be decisive on the battlefield.

To fulfill their purposes they used a great variety of weapons and artifacts such as swords, chains, shuriken, poisons, bombs, and potions. They were experts in the art of disguise, they could go unnoticed depending on the situation.

They were feared and used by military leaders, as their nature in action was completely contrary to the ideals of the samurai. A daimyō or feudal lord could not order his samurai jobs such as espionage or undercover assassinations, as this would dishonor the samurai.


Samurai were a type of warrior from Japan. They belonged to the military elite that ruled the country for hundreds of years. Its origin dates from the 10th century and was strengthened at the conclusion of the Genpei wars at the end of the 12th century when a military government was established under the figure of the shogun, leaving the Emperor of Japan as a mere figure in the country’s politics.

The samurai were governed by the ethical code of bushido or the way of the warrior, which was based on self-discipline, ethical behavior, and absolute respect for teachers and for oneself.

They were experts in martial arts, fencing, and the use of weapons such as the katana, a curved-bladed sword with a single edge. They also use the daikyuo or bow and the tessen or war fan.

Samurai could only belong to this military class by blood inheritance, as it was an honor inherited from father to son.

The samurai served the feudal lords, in return they received land and wealth. The samurai served their lord loyally until the last of his days.

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Difference between Samurai and Ninja

  • Samurai warriors belonged to the upper class. They were considered superior to the other warriors.
  • The samurai followed a code of honor known as bushido.
  • The ninjas were mercenary warriors belonging to the lower class.
  • The ninjas offered their services to anyone who could afford them.
  • Samurai served a feudal lord for life.
  • The samurai was an expert in spear, bow, and sword. As well as its handling when riding.
  • The ninjas were experts in a great variety of weapons, in espionage techniques, in guerrilla warfare, in potions and poisons.
  • Children who grew up in a samurai family were trained to be samurai when they grew up. They devoted their childhood to learning martial arts, the handling of the sword, the bow, the spear, and riding horses.
  • Children who grew up in a family of ninjas learned martial arts, handling various weapons, preparing explosives and poisons, how to dress up, and survive in the open.
  • The ninja did not perform seppuku, a ritual suicide performed by samurai to correct any mistakes, misfortunes, or defeat.

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