Novel and short story

Difference between Short story and Novel
Difference between Short story and Novel

The Difference between Short story and Novel is given here. A novel is a literary work that narrates a fiction (based on real events or not) aimed at causing aesthetic pleasure in readers through the description of interesting events, characters, and customs. A story is a short story created by one or more authors that are based on real or fictional events, the plot is simple and starring a small group of characters.

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It is a literary work that narrates a real or fictitious plot in part or in all the text and whose purpose is to cause an aesthetic pleasure through the description of events, situations between the characters, customs, and passions.

This genre developed from the Modern Age. It is distinguished by having an open character and by its ability to contain very diverse elements in a complex story. The author has great freedom to integrate characters, introduce cross or subordinate stories, and present events in a different order than they were produced or include texts of different types in the story.

A novel narrates real or fictional events; the narration includes dialogue, description, and interior monologue; describes the environments where the action occurs; it is written in prose; the characters are more developed; take care of the aesthetics of words, and can contain between 60,000 and 200,000 words or more.


A story is a short story created by one or more authors, it is based on real or fictional events and the plot is carried out by a small group of characters with a simple plot.

The story is shared orally or in writing. Previously, the most common was its oral transmission. They can mix fiction with real events and the characters participate in a central action. Its purpose is to awaken the emotions in the reader. It can be written in verse or prose.

The stories can be popular where they are based on the traditional narration of some cultures and literary ones, specially conceived to be transmitted through writing.

  • The story is characterized by being inspired by fiction but is anchored to reality
  • The facts are intertwined
  • They follow a single storyline
  • All the elements are related to the beginning and there is the main character.

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Difference between Short story and Novel

  • A novel can be more than 300 pages long.
  • A story is not long and usually does not exceed 10 pages.
  • The stories can come from the oral tradition and can represent myths, legends, traditional stories, and romances.
  • A novel tells a fictional story that can include different types of texts to complement the central plot. The novel always has a literary origin.
  • The story has an intense development of the facts. It’s fast, with a single frame.
  • The novel is extensive, with various stories that intersect and subordinate each other.

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