Objective and purpose

Difference between objective and purpose
Objective Vs Purpose

Sometimes it is common to hear the word’s objective and purpose as synonyms, both are terms that refer to future plans of a person, entity, or organization, but they are different. The difference between objective and purpose is provided here.


The objectives are those future plans or destinations that are drawn to meet a goal. The objective is an end that can be considered as great since they lead to achieving a goal whose value is even greater.

The objectives are specific, they are concrete, they are measurable, that is, it can be confirmed when they have been completed.

They are achievable because when formulating them we know that they are achievable. They are challenging because they involve reaching more, exceeding limits.

They are temporary, have a date and a time to complete.


Purposes are the will to do something. Purposes consist of wishes, dreams, objectives, and goals. It is something that we propose to accomplish at some point.

Purpose meaning can be considered as objectives, they have all the characteristics of one (specific, concrete, measurable, temporary, and achievable) plus four components that make them personal motivations.

For one purpose we consider our knowledge, skills, or motivations to do so as well as the profit we will make.

Purpose comes from the Latin propositum, which means the intention or encouragement to do or stop doing something.

Difference between Objective and Purpose

  • An objective in planning the processes or actions intended to lead us to fulfill a goal or purpose. The objectives are usually written in the infinitive.
  • Purposes are goals that a person sets for a specific purpose. They are not written in a specific time, they are simply goals to be met that can be measurable and achievable. They can become objectives by taking the verb in the infinitive.
  • Purposes can become one goal or multiple goals.
  • A purpose may lack motivation.

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