Origin and provenance

Difference between Origin and Provenance
Difference between Origin and Provenance

The Difference between Origin and Provenance is given here.  Origin is the term used to indicate the beginning of something. Origin indicates the place where a person, animal, or object comes from. Both terms have a different definition in the field of international trade and are not considered synonymous.

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The term comes from the Latin orīgo, which means the beginning or beginning of something. The origin is usually associated with the place of birth of a person, the beginning of the cause of something, whether material or not.

The concept of the appellation of origin is an official title that is attributed to certain products in order to guarantee the place of production. It applies to those foods whose qualities absolutely depend on the region in which they are made.

In international trade, the origin is the place where good was produced or obtained.


This word comes from the Latin process. Defines the beginning of something, where it is born or derived. This concept is often used to name the nationality of a person.

It is the starting point of a person or a means of transport when it reaches its destination. That is, its origin is established only when the trip ends.

In the case of international trade, the term originally refers to the place where a product was exported.

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Difference between Origin and Provenance

Both terms are synonymous in different fields, but not in the international market.

  • The origin of a product is its place of manufacture. It is usually indicated on a label.
  • Provenance is where the product comes from.

To understand the difference between both concepts we have the following example:

  • A company based in the USA acquires a batch of smart mobile phones from China. Then, said company imports them to Mexico where they will be commercialized. On the product packaging, it will be indicated as the place of origin China and as the place of origin USA.

The difference between the two terms is fundamental in the legal and health field, as it allows the products to be tracked to the end consumer.

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