Perfume and cologne

Difference between Cologne and Perfume
Difference between Cologne and Perfume

The Difference between Cologne and Perfume is given here. These are two widely used personal hygiene products and it is common to confuse them in some cases since for many they both aromatize our body in the same way. Perfume and cologne differ not only in price but in many other details.

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The term perfume comes from the Latin ” per” which means through and “fumare” which means through the smoke. It refers to how in ancient times the aromatic substances that herbs gave off when burned.

At present, the term perfume encompasses the aromatic liquid used by a person.

It was in Sumer around 3500 BC that ointments and perfumes began to be developed. Then Egypt adopted from the Sumerians, writing, and cosmetics.

The perfume was frequently used in the prayers of the priests burning myrrh, frankincense, labdanum, and galbanum. The Greeks in turn explained the delicious scents of roses and other plants with legends about their gods.

The Greeks were the ones who made perfumery the science that it is today. They designed ceramic jars to store perfumes and created 7 ways to store them. The perfumes then traveled all over the world.

From perfume, eat de cologne was born.

Today’s perfumes combine essential oils, high-grade alcohol, and water. Essential oils are in a higher proportion and according to this, the aroma of the perfume will last.


Esau de cologne or cologne is the oldest perfume brand in the world. It is a solution of oils diluted in alcohol with a proportion of essential oils of 4 to 8%. It owes its name to the fact that it was created in the city of Cologne in Germany.

It is a producer with a mild aroma.

The original Esau de Cologne is still on sale and is a patented product under the name Original Esau de Cologne containing essential oils of lemon, bergamot, mandarin, orange, lime, grapefruit, cedar, and a blend of herbs.

The term cologne is then used to define mixtures of alcohol, distilled water, and essential oils in low concentrations for a less penetrating aroma. The concentration must be greater than 4% and less than 10%

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Difference between Cologne and Perfume

  • Perfumes are a combination of essential oils in a concentration greater than 10%, high-grade alcohol, and water. Depending on the concentration of oils, the aroma of the perfume will last for a certain time.
  • Esau de cologne contains a concentration of essential oils of less than 10%, so its aroma is much milder.

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