Difference between Physical and Chemical change

Difference between physical change and chemical change
Difference between physical change and chemical change

In science, physical and chemical changes are characterized by different changes or reactions to the elements. The basic difference between physical and chemical change is that In the case of physical changes, due to their eventualities of mass or volume. Chemical changes meanwhile are the reactions or divisions of the particles.

Physical change

Physics is the study of the laws of nature, such as matter, energy, space, time, gravity, as well as everything that intervenes in the evolution of the universe. For physics, it is difficult to describe a limitation. When it refers to physical change, it is precisely the origin and development of natural elements.

Physical change is the study of the origin of existing elements, the analysis of their evolution together with the development with other factors. All this through experiments that achieve solid results for the explanation of the living world.

Chemistry is part of the studies of nature. It is responsible for the analysis of the internal properties of the elements, their changes, reactions, and evolutions given that the particles called atoms are transformed over time, being able to participate in the creation of more periodic elements.

A chemical change occurs through the dependence of an atom on the energy, volume, or force of a material. A particle can evolve in such a way that the internal and external structure of the material obtains a force that makes it impenetrable, for example, metals.

Difference between physical and chemical change in points

  • Physical change is external, through evolutions or reductions in energy, size, and volume of a material.
  • Chemical change refers to the origin and development of internal particles in a material, called atoms.
  • Physical change intervenes in the evolutions or reactions of all the elements existing in the living world.
  • A chemical change occurs with atoms which, together with external properties (mass, volume, energy) can strengthen or weaken the force of a material.
  • The physical change has no limitations since it integrates all the elements both organic (living beings) and inorganic (energy, mass, volume)
  • The chemical change is internal. It is based on particles and depends on physics to achieve effective resistance or change of the given element.


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