Piano and organ

Difference between Piano and Organ
Difference between Piano and Organ

The Difference between Piano and Organ is given here. A piano is a harmonic musical instrument classified as a keyboard instrument, strings and a resonance box, while an organ is a keyboard harmonic musical instrument that creates sonic by passing air through tubes of different lengths, this causes it to be classified within the wind instruments.

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The piano is a harmonic musical instrument classified as a string and keyboard instrument. Musicians who play the piano are called pianists.

A piano is composed of a resonance box to which a keyboard has been added with which steel strings are struck with felt-lined hammers, this produces the sound. The vibrations are transmitted through bridges to the harmonic table that amplifies them.

It was invented in the year 1700 by the Padua Bartolomeo Cristofori.

There have been different types of piano throughout history, the most common being the grand piano and the upright or wall piano.

To tune a piano, the tension of the strings is modified so that they vibrate at a suitable frequency.


It is a harmonic keyboard musical instrument. It generates sounds by passing air through tubes with lengths ranging from centimeters to several meters. It is also classified as a wind instrument and in the subcategory of blown air.

It has different registers or sounds and its timbre will depend on the shape, size, material, or mechanism that produces the sound. It is operated by one or more keyboards and pedals at the bottom for bass sounds. The various registers are actions with levers or buttons that are within easy reach of the organist.

The system can be mechanical, electronic, or electrical.

In the past, the air was supplied by hand-moved bellows, or by a turbine driven by a stream of water that was supplied by a hand-filled cistern. Today, it is supplied by electric compressors.

The tubular organ has its origin in Greece, by the inventor Ctesibio. He devised various contraptions that worked with water and air. The organ was known to the Romans and adopted by the Church in the 7th century.

The organs can be:

  • Portable or fixed.
  • Hydraulic or pneumatic.

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Difference between Piano and Organ

  • The piano is a keyboard and string instrument.
  • The organ is a keyboard and wind instrument.
  • The organ owes its origin to the Greeks. They can be liturgical (with records imitating the sounds of pipe organs) and electronic. They can carry up to 61 keys.
  • The piano produces sound by striking hammers on strings. It has 88 weighted keys but some may have 92 and 97 like the Bösendorfer.

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