Pier and port

Difference between Pier and Port
Difference between Pier and Port

The Difference between Pier and Port is given here. A pier is a construction of stone, brick, and wood that has been made in the water, that is, they are built in the sea, lakes, and rivers and are anchored by a bed that supports it firmly while a port is a space destined to the flow of merchandise, information and to give security to the vessels.

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They are constructions made of wood, stone, brick, or any variety of resistant materials that are made in water, that is, in seas, rivers, and lakes. They are anchored to the bed by firmly anchored bases. These constructions allow ships and boats to dock to carry out their work of loading and unloading passages or merchandise.

In a sea or river port, there may be several docks in order to accommodate a large number of ships. In large ports, the docks are specialized for certain types of activities, be it passenger transport, loading, and unloading of vehicles or cargo containers.

If there is not enough space on a fixed dock, floating docks can be built.


A port is a space for the flow of goods, information, and people and gives shelter, maintenance, and security to vessels. They can be used for loading and unloading cargo containers, they can be for military use, among other functions.

The works and installations are classified according to their location:

Maritime zone: Destined to the ship and in which there are works that protect the docking area from waves such as dikes, it also has works that facilitate the access of the ship in safety conditions such as radar, lighthouses, and areas with the width and draft adequate and the channeling docks and mooring spaces, which keep the ship in calm waters while it waits for its turn to dock at the pier.

Land area: Destined to merchandise, includes docks and warehouses.

Evacuation zone: It is the zone destined to land transport, it includes the access roads to the port and those of penetration in the land operation zone.

Works of basic industries and customs and control offices can be located in ports.

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Difference between Pier and Port

Ports are places where ships can be protected or stored. They can be artificial or natural. They usually have walls or dikes. A natural harbor is surrounded on most of its sides by land. It also has buildings and areas related to tourist, commercial, and industrial activity.

A dock is a construction that is made on a body of water in order to facilitate the docking of ships and the unloading of passengers and merchandise.

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