Placental mammals Characteristics and examples

Characteristics of placental mammals

The following are the list of characteristics of placental mammals.

  1. Gestation period

In placental mammals, the young one completes its development inside the body of its mother.

  1. Placenta

Inside the body of the mother young one (embryo) is fed through an organ called the placenta.

  1. Feeding after birth

After birth, the young one is fed on mother’s milk secreted from the mammary glands.

  1. Subgroups

There are following subgroups of placental mammals.

  • Insect-eating mammals: hedgehog and mole.
  • Edentate mammals: pangolin, sloth, and armadillo.
  • Rodent mammals: mouse, rabbit, squirrel.
  • Flying mammals: Bat
  • Hoofed mammals: cow, goat, zebra, buffalo, etc.
  • Trunked mammals: elephant
  • Carnivorous mammals: lion, seal, lion, cat, dog, walrus, etc.
  • Fish like mammals: dolphin and whale.
  • Most intelligent mammals: human (the most intelligent mammal) monkey, chimpanzee

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