Poetry and poem

Differences between Poetry and Poem
Differences between Poetry and Poem

The Differences between Poetry and poems are given here. Poetry and poem are two terms that are used interchangeably, however, they present specific differences that should be known to express ourselves properly.

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This word comes from the Greek poíisis, which means composition, poetry, to make, to manufacture. It is a literary genre considered as the manifestation of beauty and feeling through the word. It can be in verse or prose.

The Greeks considered that there were three types of poetry:

  • Lyric or song accompanied by a lyre.
  • Dramatic or theatrical.
  • Epic or narrative.

Today poetry is commonly understood as lyrical poetry. However, this is nothing more than a subgenre of poetry.

In the first reflections on literature the term poetry encompassed the entire current concept of literature, it was nothing more than the creative art that used language to give existence to something that did not have it.


This word comes from the Italian poēma and this in turn from the Greek poíisis. It traditionally has some extension. The usual thing is that the poems are composed in verse and that they are subject or not to poetic resources such as rhythm, rhyme, and meter. A very long poem can be divided into songs and a short one into stanzas. When a set of poems is put together, a collection of poems is formed.

There is also the symphonic poem, which is a musical composition for an orchestra suggested by a literary work or a poetic idea.

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Differences between Poetry and Poem

  • Poetry is the manifestation or genre that manifests beauty or aesthetic feeling through the word in verse or prose. It refers to the set of texts and poetic compositions in verse or prose.
  • The poem is a poetic work in verse that may occasionally use prose. It refers to a specific poetic work.

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