Power and authority

Differences between Power and Authority
Differences between Power and Authority

The Differences between Power and Authority is given here. Power and authority are two very different terms. Power is synonymous with strength and ability as well as dominance, it is born of an entity or a person while authority is born of a group, it is granted by the need to be governed by the best.

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Power is the ability to do or be something, it is the ability to exercise control over one or more individuals and the ability to influence one or more individuals.

For politics and sociology, power is sometimes perceived as hegemonic and authoritarian but it is accepted in some way by society. Power is every opportunity or possibility in a social relationship that allows the individual to fulfill her will.

There are discrepancies when defining power, as it can be constrictive if it is exercised by an individual or group over an individual or society, but it is also permissive if we exercise our free will.

The exercise of power is endemic in human beings since we are social and gregarious beings.


It is the privilege granted to an influence. For example, it is the primacy of an individual over the status of a collective. It can be assigned or designated. It is the prestige of a person or organization in its quality or competence on a subject.

It is usually related to the State as a repository of public powers. Its officials have the power to send and give orders and these must be followed as long as they respect the laws and regulations in force.

Authority is directly related to the position of the individual and has nothing to do with the person as an individual.

The authority can be legal granted by obligation, and moral that is granted by conviction.

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Differences between Power and Authority

  • Power is born from the desire to be and have more.
  • Authority is born from the will of a community.
  • Power belongs to the privacy of individualism.
  • Authority belongs to the relationship or reference of the person.
  • Sometimes power is imposed and authority is accepted.

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