Pride and dignity

Difference between Pride and Dignity
Difference between Pride and Dignity

It is common that in our daily behavior we confuse pride with dignity since both seem similar. To avoid falling into pride believing that we behave with dignity, continue reading so that you know the difference between pride and dignity.

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It comes from the Latin superbia as it is a synonym for arrogance. It is a feeling of valuing oneself above others. Pride is concealable and can be appreciated when it is produced by noble causes or some virtues.

Pride is misrepresented when it arises from the desire to be preferred over others for self, self, and ego satisfaction.

Negative pride is defined as an overvaluation of the self with respect to others, in order to overcome or superimpose an obstacle to achieve a high devaluation of the context.

Pride causes people to value themselves too much and believe themselves above others.

Proud people are considered arrogant.


Dignity comes from the Latin Dignitas, which means valuable. It refers to the value of the human being simply for being a rational and free being, it is not a quality granted but of being a brother, it does not depend on conditions nor should it be based on ethnic, gender, or social status differences.

The concept of dignity for each human being comes from Christianity since man is considered the image and likeness of God and is considered free and responsible for his actions.

The right to personal dignity is recognized

as a human right since 1948.

Difference between Pride and Dignity in points

  • Pride is a feeling of personal worth that can be maintained in a healthy way if it is due to facts of value and importance or it can be distorted to the point that it becomes a feeling that causes the individual to see himself superior and more valuable than others.
  • Dignity is the inherent value of the human being, recognized as a right.
  • Dignity is granted by being a human being, free and rational.

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