Process and procedure

Difference between Process and Procedure
Difference between Process and Procedure

The Difference between Process and Procedure is given here. It is very easy to confuse the process with the procedure. They are two similar and related terms, but they should not be used synonymously.

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A process is understood as a program that is running. In a much more formal way, a process is a unit of activity characterized by the execution of a sequence of instructions, a set of associated resources, and a current state.

For example, a program can be a cooking recipe while the process is everything that includes finding the ingredients, reading the recipe, and making it.

The processes can be cooperative or independent, both in the computational field and in companies. Two or more processes can cooperate with each other.


A procedure is understood as a set of actions or operations that are carried out in the same way in order to obtain the same result under the same circumstances.

The procedures can be:

  • Administrative Procedure.
  • Quality management procedure.
  • Effective procedure in computer theory.
  • Judicial precedent.
  • Logical procedure.
  • Medical procedure.
  • Pedagogical procedure.
  • Subroutine in programming.

It refers to the action of proceeding, that is, it means acting in a certain way. It is the method or way of executing something. One procedure is to follow a series of predetermined steps to perform a task effectively.

Your goal should be easily identifiable.

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Difference between Process and Procedure

  • A process is a series of steps, resources, and the completion of the proposed activity. A process includes a procedure, the associated resources, the activity to be carried out, and its control.
  • The procedure is a series of pre-established steps for each activity or objective. It is a set of preset steps designated to reach an end. It can be a series of documented procedures, stages, and steps.

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