Difference between Qualitative and Quantitative

difference between qualitative and quantitative
difference between qualitative and quantitative

The basic difference between qualitative and quantitative is that Qualitative is what is related to the quality or quality of something, while quantitative is a word related to the quantity where it refers to magnitudes and proportions.


It is an adjective that comes from the Latin word qualitatīvus. Qualitative is what is related to the quality or quality of something, how the properties of an object, individual, entity, or state behave, or how the latter are compared to another similar or similar.

The qualitative depends on the cultural, social, or subjective perception of the object studied.

Qualitative analysis reveals the qualities, characteristics, or value of something. In chemistry, this type of analysis discovers and breaks down the components that exist in a substance or matter.

It is a classification and assessment of the qualities of an object, living being or geographic space.


It is derived from the Latin words Quantum which means “how much” and the suffix “-tive”, which is used to indicate a passive or active relationship. It is an adjective that is linked to quantity. It refers to a magnitude, proportion or number of things.

The quantitative presents information about quantities. A quantitative investigation seeks to make a decision on certain alternatives that have a relationship that can be expressed numerically.

The quantitative method is one that uses numerical data to carry out a task or investigation in a systematic, organized, and structured way.

Difference between quantitative and qualitative

  • The quantitative approach uses the specific value of a measure, grade, or quantity. Use objective techniques. Their main advantage is that they are studies that can be repeated and corroborated.
  • A qualitative approach assesses the quality, properties, or characteristics of something. It focuses on those qualities that are observable. Its results are more subjective, as well as the techniques used to carry it out. It allows obtaining deep data, but not generalizable.

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