Rat and mouse

Difference between Rat and Mouse
Difference between Rat and Mouse

The Difference between Rat and Mouse is given here. A mouse is a small rodent with a compact body. There are about 30 known species and it is classified in the genus Mus. The rat belongs to the genus Rattus and is an animal with an elongated body, a pointed snout, and a long, almost bare tail.

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The rat is a rodent believed to be native to Asia, specifically India and Persia. The great adaptability of this animal allowed it to colonize almost the entire world. There are many species of rats, being the para rat and the black rat the best known worldwide for their peri-urban ecology. They are found in all places except the poles.

These rodents have an elongated body, a pointed snout, long ears, and a long, thin, bare tail with small scales and short hairs. Their fur is dense and of variable color depending on the species, it can be short and smooth or long, woolly, and rough.

The size of the rats varies according to the different species. Most species weigh between 95 g and 240 g and are between 17 and 21 cm long. The tail is always as long as the body.


The mouse is a rodent that belongs to the genus Mus. The oldest fossils date from the Upper Miocene and were found in Africa and Asia.

Adult common mice weigh between 12 and 40 g and can measure between 15 and 19 cm including the tail. Its coat is short and gray tones. They have little hair on their tails and ears.

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Difference between Rat and Mouse

  • Rats are medium to large-sized rodents, they have a pointed snout, a tail as long as their body and hairless, and their coat color varies by species.
  • Mice are small rodents, they have a pointed snout, small bars, and a thinly furred tail.
  • Rats belong to the genus Rattus.
  • Mice belong to the genus Mus.
  • 65 species of rats are known.
  • Thirty species of mice are known.
  • The most common rats are the black rat and the brown rat.
  • The most common type of mouse is the common house mouse or Mus Musculus.

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