Realism and naturalism

Differences between Realism and Naturalism
Differences between Realism and Naturalism

The Differences between Realism and Naturalism are given here. Realism is a literary artistic trend that broke with romanticism in the second half of the 19th century and focuses on showing the characteristics of the time in the stories told. Naturalism is a literary artistic style related to realism, but it is based on reproducing reality with almost documentary objectivity.

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Literary realism is a literary trend that ended romanticism in ideological and formal aspects in the second half of the 19th century. This movement also extended to the plastic arts in Latin America.

It was applied in literature around the year 1825 to refer to the imitation by romantic writers of nature and its descriptive art, which many might consider complex. Realism brings to the novels simple scenes of daily life and faithful testimonies of the society of that time.

By 1827 in France, writings and critics presented realism as an aesthetic opposite to the romantic one.

It is established then, that realism is the exact and sincere reproduction of the social environment and the time that the writer lives. The narration should be simple so that it can be understood by all. It rejects the sentimental and the transcendental, it seeks to reflect the bourgeois individual and social reality.

Realism is also opposed to fantasy literature. Every day is the central theme and exposes political, social, and human problems according to the materialistic and individualistic mentality of the bourgeoisie.


It is an artistic style related to realism that seeks to reproduce reality with documentary objectivity in all its aspects, taking into account the sublime and the most vulgar.

He presents the human being without agency, his behavior is determined by genetic inheritance and the environment in which he lives. This style is influenced by natural sciences, medicine, and genetics.

It is based on satire and social denunciation, a naturalistic novel is not a simple pastime, it is a documentary written of the time.

Naturist literature is taken as a philosophical, social, and political weapon of combat.

Reproduces reality fairly. In his writings, all social classes can be appreciated, from the lower classes to the proletariat.

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Differences between Realism and Naturalism

  • Realism is more descriptive but, from the point of view of the interests of the bourgeoisie.
  • Naturalism is realistic and extends its narrative to the most disadvantaged classes. It seeks to explain social problems in an almost mechanical way and makes a deep social critique.
  • Naturalism seeks to reproduce reality with total impartiality.
  • Realism reproduces the reality of the time from a bourgeois point of view.
  • Naturalism adopts an amoral attitude to represent life.
  • Realism represents life from the point of view of bourgeois moral values.

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