Reporter and journalist

Differences between Reporter and Journalist
Differences between Reporter and Journalist

The Differences between Reporter and Journalist is given here. There are specializations such as reporters and journalists, which are the link between the news and the public. In the case of reporters, it is through street broadcasts and of journalists, through programs in television studios.

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Reporters fulfill their job functions in the street, where the news spreads. They are the direct links between public or private institutions, social servants, communities, young people, and the general public on foot.

His job is to go out in search of the news, to later be written or recorded. This happens in a fleeting process of editing and then being disseminated through television channels, radio stations, social networks, or the communication platform in which it works.

Your research area limit is proportional to the city, town, or region where you are. Since when they exceed a certain space, they go from being a reporter and becoming a “correspondent”.


Journalists are social communicators who through specialization become the link between reporters with the news and the public.

Their function is generally within television studios or newsroom departments where (allied with reporters) they search, write and broadcast daily events.

The journalist specializes depending on the news area in which he wants to develop, some of them being: shows, sports, events, news, entertainment, ecology, among others.

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Differences between Reporter and Journalist

  • The reporter goes out in search of the news, talks with people, and meets institutional sources.
  • The journalist is in charge of correcting and editing the information that will then go on the air to be disseminated by the media.
  • The reporter may not have a degree in social communication, although they should have research experience and good spelling.
  • The journalist to be hired in a communication medium must have completed a degree in social communication.
  • The reporter is the link between the people and the media. While the journalist is the one who disseminates the information provided.

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