Retro and vintage

Differences between Retro and Vintage
Differences between Retro and Vintage

The Differences between Retro and Vintage are given here. For those of us who are partly unfamiliar with the world of decoration and fashion, it is very easy to get confused between retro and vintage, both remind us of the old, however, certain details differentiate them.

One of the details that differentiate them is that vintage is made up of original pieces while retro is made up of pieces made at this time with designs from earlier times.

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What is retro?

The term retro comes from the Latin prefix retro which means backward or to past times, it is a prefix that we can find in many of our words but, it’s meaning as we know it appeared in France after the Second World War when the government of Charles de Gaulle conducted constant reevaluations of the government.

IN 1970 retro fashion reached the cinema, showing the behavior of French civilians during the Nazi occupation, in this way the term began to be coined to refer to fashions of that time.

Soon the word was exported to English.

Retro is also used for timeless and classic styles, for outdated technologies, objects, and attitudes. Today retro fashion mixes fashions from the 50s, 60s, and 80s with current technologies to create a great atmosphere.

What is vintage?

The term vintage is used to refer to old objects that are not yet classified as antique and that time has improved or revalued, it is used to refer to furniture, vehicles, books, photographs, clothing accessories, video consoles, and video games

The term comes from English after it was derived from the French term “vendange” which designated a good wine due to its age and quality.

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Differences between Retro and Vintage

  • Vintage is items from more than 20 years ago in perfect condition that evoke bygone times.
  • The retro is current products modified to look like old.
  • Vintage fashion evokes bygone times for those who have lost faith in modernism and progress.
  • Retro is for those who enjoy the old without neglecting modern conveniences.

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