Robbery and theft

Differences between Robbery and Theft
Differences between Robbery and Theft

The Differences between Robbery and Theft are given here. The terms robbery and theft are usually used interchangeably as if they were synonymous, however, they are two terms that define completely different actions. It is important to know the difference, especially when evaluating the laws or when purchasing insurance.


A robbery is a crime committed against property, it consists of seizing the property of another person using force, violence, or intimidation to achieve it. As it is an act of greater danger in the criminal statutes, greater penalties are established for robbery than for theft.

There are two forms of theft, one by use of force on objects and the other by violence or intimidation of people. In the first modality, violence is used to access the object to be stolen, objects are usually used to steal such as knives and false keys. In the second modality, violence or intimidation is used against people. Physical force or intimidation is used to overcome the resistance of the owner of the object.


It consists of the illegitimate seizure of an object without the use of force or violence against people. It is based on the seizure without the use of special ways or forms, it is a basic type of seizure.

It violates the possession of objects and the simple intention to steal is reprehensible.

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Differences between Robbery and Theft

  • In the robbery, there is violence, threat, and force to seize someone else’s property. In this case, the force can be applied against an object or against what protects the property or against the victim who possesses it. For example, if a thief breaks open a house, it is robbery.
  • In theft, there is no violence or intimidation when it comes to seizing someone else’s property. If a thief finds the door of a house open and without any inhabitant to oppose it, it is theft.

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