School and College

Differences between school and college
Differences between school and college

School and college are two different terms in some countries and synonyms in others. A school is a teaching or teaching center is an educational institution, a college is a private educational institute or a professional association.


It is the name given to any teaching center, educational center, educational institution, college, or institution that teaches.

Usually, it commonly designates to the centers of primary education, secondary or university schools, which, next to the faculties, form the universities.

It comes from the ancient Greek skholḗ and through mediation, it becomes the Latin schola. The Greek meaning was tranquility and free time, then it derives from what is done during free time or is worth doing, creating differences between the concept of study and games.


For education, college is related to a private establishment dedicated to learning. For university education, a university college is a teaching center where higher studies are taught.

In some cases it is known as a college or university college, it is an institution belonging to the university that offers accommodation, cultural, academic, sports, or religious activities.

Minor colleges are university institutions similar to faculties.

Professional or official associations are public law corporations of a trade union nature dedicated to those who practice the professions.

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Differences between school and college

  • Colleges are private-related establishments dedicated to learning. They also define institutions that are part of universities and professions, grouping each profession and representing them before the State.
  • A school is an institution, teaching center, or educational institution where knowledge is imparted. It is often used to define primary, secondary, pre-university, and university schools.
  • Schools are part of faculties and careers.
  • The major and

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