Difference between Sea and Ocean in tabular form

Difference between Sea and Ocean
Sea Vs Ocean

Sea has more marine life, while the ocean has the lesser marine life. Another difference between sea and ocean is that the sea has lesser depth while the ocean has larger depth. There are, however, specific differences between both terms that you must know to use both words correctly.

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What is the Sea?

Seas are masses of saltwater much smaller than an ocean. The term sea is used to also designate extensions of brackish lakes such as the Caspian Sea or the Dead Sea. Defining the sea as an extension of salty water smaller than an ocean is not complete, the seas are in contact with the ocean and can be open or closed, if a sea is almost totally in contact with the land it is known as sea continental, while if it is totally open to the ocean it is called the littoral sea. The seas are distinguished from the oceans either because they are separated from them by a geographical situation (located between two landmasses or according to their position with respect to the continent) they have other very different conditions such as salinity, flora, and fauna, or it is distinguished from arbitrary shape.

List of Seas

Littoral seas

  • The Beaufort Sea in the Arctic Ocean
  • The Norwegian Sea in the Atlantic
  • Sea of ​​Oman in the Indian Ocean

Continental seas

  • The Mediterranean Sea.
  • Baltic Sea.
  • The Black Sea.
  • The sea of ​​Japan.

Closed seas or endorheic lake

  • The Dead Sea.
  • The Caspian Sea.
  • The Aral Sea.

What is an Ocean?

Oceans are large bodies of water that separate two or more continents and that make up most of the earth’s surface.

List of seven oceans in the World

The oceans are classified into: Big oceans

  • Atlantic.
  • Indian.
  • Peaceful.

Minor oceans

  • Arctic
  • Antarctic

The oceans cover 71% 2 of the Earth’s surface, the largest ocean being the Pacific. The depth of these bodies of water will depend on the oceanic relief, the average depth is 3900 meters, the deepest area is in the Mariana Trench with 11 034 m depth. suggested video: Seas vs Oceans 

Differences between Seas and Ocean in points

  • The seas are small bodies of saltwater that are part of the oceans.
  • Oceans are large bodies of water that cover much of the earth’s surface.
  • The seas can be closed while the oceans delimit two or even three continents.
  • Seas differ from oceans arbitrarily, by their conditions, or by geographic location.

Frequently Asked Questions on the difference between ocean and sea

Q1: What are the Seven seas? Ans. Followings are the 7 seas names:

  • The Arctic ocean
  • North Atlantic ocean
  • South Atlantic ocean
  • North Pacific ocean
  • South Pacific ocean
  • Indian ocean
  • Southern Oceans.

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