Sect and religion

Difference between Sect and Religion
Difference between Sect and Religion

The Difference between Sect and Religion is given here.  A sect is a group of followers of a religious doctrine or ideology represented by a section detached from a larger group. Religion is a shared belief system and its associated practices, it creates moods and motivational states in humanity.

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A sect is that group of followers of a religious doctrine or a specific ideology who represents a sector or section detached from a larger group. Before it was used only to refer to parties with communities with common affinities whose rites and teachings differentiated them from others.

Later it was used with a negative connotation, it is used to mark dissident groups that separate from their original source or do not follow the majority religions. By the 80s it was used to define the new religious movements and it has been suggested to associate any negative concept with the term “destructive sects” in order to avoid the persecution of minorities.

The popular use of the term, shared by some sociologists, lawyers, and NGOs defending Human Rights define sects as negative and harmful religious organizations with a violent purpose.

A destructive sect is one where a group of people follows a religious or ideological movement where mind control of its members is practiced.


There is no consensus on the definition of religion. It is usually defined as a cultural system of behaviors, practices, ethics, and social organization that relates humanity to an existential category. Religions have narratives, stories, and symbols that seek to explain the origin of the universe and give meaning to life.

Many religions organize behavior and clergy, define holy places, scriptures and define adherence and belonging to it. Its practice includes rituals, sermons, veneration, sacrifices, feasts, initiations, funeral and marriage services, meditation, art, music, prayer, art, and community service.

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Difference between Sect and Religion

  • Religion is a set of beliefs and dogmas marked by norms that control the social and individual behavior of those who profess such belief. It implies the practice of rituals and the respect of rules.
  • Cults are minority religious movements and ideologies that may or may not be positive depending on their organization. Destructive sects are then defined as those that seek the mental control of their members.

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