Security and defense

Security and defense
Security and defense

Security and defense are two different terms according to the defense and security policies of a country. Security refers to the absence of risk or trust in something, security is the reality that allows maintaining integrity, stability, and permanence.


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Security is a right guaranteed by a State whose purpose is to maintain the stability, integrity, and rights of its inhabitants. The defense is the actions that are intended to preserve security.
Security is that set of actions, strategies, and policies that seek to maintain the integrity, assets, and rights of a person. The defense is the actions, strategies, and policies that seek to preserve the integrity of a State or a person.
Security is a state of absence of risk. The defense is an act that maintains security, it is a response to a risk situation.


Security comes from the Latin securitas and refers to the absence of risk and trust in something or someone. It also takes on different meanings depending on the area or field referred to as insecurity. In general, security is defined as the state of well-being that human beings enjoy or perceive.

It is an interdisciplinary science that is in charge of studying, evaluating, and managing the risks to which a person, a good, or the environment is subjected.

It consists of reducing the risk to acceptable levels. Security is a right that protects the freedom, life, and heritage of the inhabitants as well as their rights and guarantees and the full validity of the institutions


The defense is defined as actions that aim to preserve security. In it, the case of a state consists of all actions and strategies aimed at preserving its sovereignty, independence, and territory vis-à-vis other states or organizations under international law.

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