Sentence and phrase

Difference between Sentence and Phrase
Difference between Sentence and Phrase

The Difference between Sentence and Phrase is given here. Sentences and phrases can easily be used synonymously when they are not. The structure of a phrase and a sentence differ and it is at this point where we must pay attention to understand the difference between a sentence and a phrase.

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It is a set of words with complete meaning and syntactic autonomy, this can become imprecise.

It is the smallest fragment of a speech that seeks to communicate a complete idea.

This means that even if we remove a sentence from the main speech or text, it is by itself capable of continuing to communicate an idea.

Sentences can be classified by their predicate in:

  • Simple: These are sentences where there is a single action. It has a subject and a predicate.
  • Compounds: These are sentences where the predicate has two or more actions. It is often said that a compound sentence is made up of one or more sentences.


It is a union of words organized in such a way that they have a meaning even if they are not part of a sentence. These are sentences lacking a verb, their use is accepted but not recommended.

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Difference between Sentence and Phrase

  • A sentence differs from a phrase by the presence of a verb in a personal way. A personal verb is one that admits a subject while an impersonal verb is used in the third person singular and used for natural phenomena.
  • Sentences regardless of their length must have a verb in personal form. There are one-word sentences where this is a personal verb in the form of an infinitive or gerund.
  • A sentence is a minimum expression with complete and independent meaning. A sentence does not make complete sense.
  • A phrase is a set of words whose purpose is to transmit information, the words that constitute it are of a nominal type, that is, nouns, adjectives, and adverbs, they do not have a verb as a nucleus on which they can depend.

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